Bamboo Massage

New- Bamboo Massage
1hr $100

"Bamboo Fusion" was created by Nathalie Celcilia to use deeper pressure and ultimate relaxation and to lesson fatigue to her own body.

Luxurious warm bamboo are used with a pressure you choose from Swedish to Deep. Acupressure, Sports and Stretching are also incorporated. Bamboo Reflexology is used on the face, hands and feet.

Bamboo is natually antibacterial and antimicrobial. The silica on the outer walls of bamboo create a crystalline-like matrix that when heated carry an electrical charge called a pyroelectrical charge. This is the same charge carried in our bodies by bone and tendons. Our Facia has an electrical charge as well, called a piezoelectrical charge and is said to be activated by kneading and pressure. Some say that when massaged by warm bamboo the electrical charge in the bamboo coupled with the charge in our facia is stimulated. It is believed to restore and reballance our own electromagnetic field. When reballanced our bodies can feel energized and operate more efficiently. 

Watch the video below...Please note that I will use my usual sheet draping style, exposing only the areas I am working on. I also will be using 16 different bamboo pieces, not 4.