Groupon Q+A

Thank you for purchasing your Groupon!
  Contact me through website. Read all below Q+A first... to save time. You can schedule up to one month in advance only.Lots have already booked, However they may cancel 24hrs before their appointment time...My suggestion is that you book an appointment where you can find one...and keep checking back for a time that may open.   

Here are some Q+A's you may have.

No Pregnancy or Couples Massage. Couples come in
one at a time.

Q... How Do I Schedule?
A... You can schedule"Booknow" on "Home page or
      Book Appt." Now page on my website.

Q... How does this massage differ from other spas?
First other spas give you a 45min massage for an hour
      appointment. They also use therapist that may rather be
      somewhere else. I love my career. You will get the Full time
      of your massage. I schedule extra time for getting on and off
      the table. Having you say "That was the best massage I
      ever received" is my goal. It is much nicer to be treated as a
      person rather than just another client.

Q... Can I use my Groupon/Gift Cert. towards another service?
... Yes, you can upgrade and pay the difference.

Q... Do I have to have my Groupon/Gift Cert. with me?
...Yes, but if you lose it or can not print...I will have your name
     on file and cross it off when you come can only use
     your Groupon once.

Q... Can I call you if I have questions, have trouble booking?
... Yes. Please remember I may be in session. TEXT 704-492-4241

Q... How do I pay my tip?
... Please remember to tip on full price of service, not on the
      Groupon price.  Please tip with cash. If you are upgrading
      Service you can tip and pay upgrade with credit card.

Q... What if I am late for my scheduled massage?
... You can be a few minutes late, but it comes out of the time 
      you had scheduled. So not to mess up next client appt.

Q... What if I forget I scheduled and don't show up?
 You will get a confirmation email 24hrs. before your
       scheduled appointment. If you do not cancel 24 hrs.
       before scheduled appt. your Groupon is used to pay for
       the time you blocked in my schedule.

Q... How can I cancel appointment and reschedule?
... When you schedule appointment you will get a confirmation the end of the email there is an option to 
      cancel appointment. Save this confirmation email. To
      reschedule go back to "booknow" and make a new appt.

Q... Can I give my Groupon away?
Yes, but the person must have your Groupon in hand with  
      a note on it from you at time of service.

Q... What do I wear during my appointment?
... Some people wear panties/boxers, some wear nothing. 
      I do full-draping...This means you are fully covered except  
      area I am working on with a sheet. I can fold sheet up if 
      you are hot natured. If you are cold I have a table warmer I 
      can turn on for you. Not to mention a blanket.

Q... What is a Bamboo Massage?
Please look on massage menu. 

Q... Do you use oil or lotion?
I have both. I like the cream lotion best. It just feels clean.

Q... Do you have a shower?
 No, However for $15 more you can have lotion or oil cleaned
      off  with hot towel. It really feels like an extra treatment.
      People who are heading back to work love it. 
      Be sure to select the right massage when scheduling online...
      and to mention "Hot Towel Clean" in memo.
Q... Should I arrive early for my appointment?
A... No,
If you arrive early you can ring doorbell once...I may 
      be in with client and or not there yet. Coming 5 minutes
      before your scheduled time is ok...Just don't panic if door is
      locked. "The Facial Room" at Corner of Park and Seneca

Q... Do you use Aromatherapy?
Yes, if you would like. I only use essential oils. The lotions
      and oils are non-scented.

Q... How many therapist are there?
Just me more guessing who it will be and if
      they will be any-good. I have clients still coming after 
      9 years. I realize how hard life is...massage is not fru-fru.  

Q...  If I like the massage and wish to return, what is the 
        charge for a one hour massage?
A...  The One Hour massage is $55 and the 1.5 Hours is $80